Headless eCommerce: September with PWA Studio

Headless eCommerce: September with PWA Studio

What is the best headless eCommerce frontend?

Headless frontends are becoming more and more popular, the number of choices is growing, and so is the number of decisions to be made. Developers have to choose which technology to learn. Merchants need to choose a technology for their store. I think these are tough choices for both developers and merchants. Below one of my recent articles, an interesting discussion took place on this topic. I emphasized that it is great that everyone has more of a choice. However, it must be remembered that where there is a choice, it is possible to make a bad decision. Of course, it is hard to choose something without knowing anything about what you are choosing.

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Think about it this way: you buy a new car and make your choice based on photos of a car. Without a test drive, without touching it, without seeing the car live. The chances that you will be satisfied with your purchase are small. If people only bought cars based on their photos, Alfa Romeo would probably be the market leader (by the way, I really like these cars).

Now imagine that you are choosing the frontend for your shop, or the technology on which you intend to develop further based on nothing but which website is the most beautiful. Hmm, VueStorefront would probably be the winner in that case.

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Test drive

Wouldn’t it be better to go to the dealer and see the car, touch it, take it for a ride, or go ahead and rent it for about two weeks and then decide?

The same applies to choosing the technology for your project or the technology you want to learn. First, read, play, experiment, do something small, and take the time to form an opinion on the topic.

Don’t judge lightly.

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Give everyone a chance

Personally, I am at the stage of getting to know PWA Studio—we are already friends, and we like each other. We do strange things together, and it’s fun. In the future, I am going to expand my circle of friends to include others from the PWA headless eCommerce group. Anyway, PWA Studio is looking for new friends, and I would like you two to meet.

I am announcing September with PWA Studio

In September, I am going to write four articles about PWA Studio and stuff related to it. I hope that they will help you and enable you to understand how to work with PWS Studio, at least to a minimal degree. The plan looks like this:

  1. How to mock GraphQL queries and mutations
  2. Everything that you need to know about CSS modules
  3. Features comparison between the current Magento frontend and PWA Studio
  4. How to add support for Category Landing Pages to PWA Studio

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